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The Front Lines
THE FIX We call them laugh lines, but crinkles around our eyes are anything but funny. Aging and genetics play a role in the formation of furrows, but sun exposure is the biggest culprit. To diminish the look of crow’s feet, stick to eye creams with key ingredients such as anti-oxidants, hydrating hyaluronic acid or retinol. Prefer a quicker fix? Botox or the newer injection Xeomin might be just what the doctor ordered.

COVERUP No one can turn back the clock, but proper techniques can improve our looks. Makeup artist Bridgette Reiss-Anderson suggests a primer with silicone to fill fine lines. Apply makeup as usual, but with her rule: think and work upward. “Amp up the colour volume on the top part of the eye. Use eyeshadow and liner and leave the under part bare. It ‘lifts’ the attention.”

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